Monday, October 03, 2005

I purchase panties almost every time I am in a store. At a dollar a pair you cannot go wrong. I am a panties enthusiast,and I try to purchase colors that match (or will match) my outfits. I am still trying to decide on my fall wardrobe colors. I am choosing between olive and teal.
One of the most asked questions is why I crossdress? I just enjot it. I had no desire to crossdress in the past. One day, I just had the urge to put on my wife's clothes, which I did. I have not looked back since. I am comfortable with my decision to remain closeted. Sex was not my motive because I am happily married. I love to wear women's clothes because there are so many beautiful styles and colors.
I think coming into crossdressing late in life (started in June) gives me a level headed
persepective about it. Crossdressing is another facet of my life.

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