Thursday, August 10, 2017

Trans People Attacked From All Angles

Transgender people are being attacked from all sides. Everywhere we are being demeaned and humiliated by the government, schools, military, religious institutions, the prison industrial complex and legal and medical sources. Some just want us to disappear. Well, that's not going to happen.

First and foremost, transgender is NOT a choice. We were born this way. To those who use religion and the bible to justify their bias, God knew I would be transgender before I was born. This is His plan for my life AND it is MY journey, not yours. I have been a born again Christian for over forty years and God loves me unconditionally.    

Second, before people demean me, why don't you find out what we are about. Having empathy for others requires that you seeing others from their perspective. I have always been open to sharing my story with others. Then there comes the time when you need to educate yourself. I'm constantly educating myself. 

Third, in spite of all the attacks, threats, and insults we press on.  The infamous president and his minions can do all they want to make us disappear. It's not going to happen. I will NOT be erased by ANYONE!! 

A final thought: to the GLB community, forces are trying everything to erase the accomplishments and existence of trans and non conforming people. Don't think for a second that sometime in the future they won't come for you. It's happened before. I pray that it doesn't happen again.

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