Saturday, July 29, 2017

Transgender People Banned From Serving In The Military-My Thoughts

When I heard that President Trump banned transgender people from serving in the military service I was alarmed and angry. I had served my country honorably during the Vietnam War era. There were LGBT people in the military There will always be. Many have laid down their lives so people can be free.

I understand that the military wants the best people they can recruit. When gays and lesbians were let go because of their sexuality, it was the feeling that they were mentally unfit to serve. Many of them were in high security positions and performed very well. It left the military in a lurch because each month they had to maintain a quota for new recruits. The people brought in were felons, sex offenders, and other undesirables. Transgender men and women who want to serve will not be able to because they are considered undesirable.

I understand if a person is mentally unfit then the services shouldn't take them but I don't that to be in many cases. Transgender troops are now serving and serving admirably. I hear the military brass, president, and other talk about the cost of medical services for transgender people which is miniscule to the waste the military commits. There are people overseas making millions in non existent jobs under the guise of national security. 

There are many transgender people who have served admirably. I am pleased that some military brass and veterans have spoken up against this ban. It's another way to have transgender people become invisible. I served and am proud of my service. I am an intelligent, mental able person who is proud to have been in the service. There are other trans people who feel the same.

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