Monday, July 24, 2017

Book Review

Title: A Low Life in High Heels   The Story Of Holly Woodlawn
Author: Jeff Copeland     
Rating:  8

Holly Woodlawn (1946-2015) had a most interesting and wild life. I first became acquainted with her in 1971 when I saw her in the movie Trash while I was on furlough in the military. Her face was one I would always remember even if I didn't remember her name.  Ms. Woodlawn was a superstar in Andy Warhol's Factory which also featured Candy Darling and Jackie Curtis. Holly caroused, drank, drugged, connived, robbed, and finally succeeded in becoming a star. She acted, was a cabaret performer, author, and a personality that was unrivaled.

To me, Holly was a survivor of some of her stupid acts (impersonating a French socialite was one which landed her in jail). She was driven mostly by her search to find out where she fit in life. She was a sensitive soul seeking respect as a trans and gender non conforming woman in an era where it was extremely difficult to to do. The late 1960s and 1970s were not as kind to folks like Ms. Woodlawn. 

I found  Low Life in High Heels very open and honest about who Ms. Woodlawn really was. I consider here one of my heroines because she opened my eyes to what would happen to me three decades later. Ms. Woodlawn was open of which I was really impressed with. After Andy Warhol's passing in 1987, Ms. Woodlawn was finally at piece with who she was. The wild escapades of her youth ended.

Rest in peace, Holly. I will be eternally grateful for showing me how to be open and honest about myself.

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