Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Gender Reassignment Surgery

A trans woman I know will have Gender Reassignment Surgery in October. Naturally, she was nervous but me and others reassured her that everything will be okay and that she has our support. 

As I thought about this I see how important GRS is for some. To me anything that will improve one's quality of life is a step in the right direction. Not all trans women have the full surgery or, in my case, will not have the surgery. I doesn't mean that I'm not transgender. Each person is different. I'm not of the school that in order to be a 'true transsexual' one must have the complete surgery. That line of thinking is erroneous and in some cases dangerous. 

The transgender community is not a homogeneous community. There is much diversity in expression and identity, something that I witnessed during my questioning phase.  This was very instrumental in my progression to where I am now.  

To those men and women who are transitioning, I wish you the best and pray that all will go well. You are on your way to being the person that you truly are. You have my support.

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