Monday, August 17, 2015

Transgender Women Being Murdered

Three transgender women of color were murdered last week. Sixteen transgender women have been killed in 2015 -those that have been reported. Only fourteen were killed all of 20l4. With the increased visibility of transgender people, especially people of color, all the haters were bound to come out. We were alleged reigning on their parade. Well, the time has come for us.

When I will look at the Transgender Day of Remembrance list of transgender women murdered this November, the vast majority of them will be black and Latina. What get me sometimes is the lack of response from some of the major LGBT organizations.  What concerns me even more is the attempted erasure of our contributions to the gay liberation movement some thing that is on record as happening. 

I live in New York City which is tolerant of LGBT people. I haven't had any trouble personally but I'm wary. I am aware of certain situations and what is going around me. I'm not fearful because I refuse to live in fear. I have every right to enjoy all things that everyone else enjoys. In the meantime I will work to improve the lives of all transgender people.  

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