Saturday, February 21, 2015

Eight Transgender Women Murdered Already In 2015

There have been at least eight transgender women murdered in America already and it's just February. There has been attacks of transgender women either physically/verbally. The vast majority of them have been women of color. This is getting crazy. Too many of my trans sisters are dying needlessly and senselessly by people who hate them just because of who they are.  

What's hurtful is the friends and family who are affected by this. There have been some resolution to some of the cases. I am hoping that the other cases will be solved. I have trans friends and am concerned about their safety. Fortunately, I haven't had any problems but one has be vigilant. I'm not fearful and will continue to live life. Meanwhile more needs to be done. There  are numerous problems to be dealt with. People like Sally Kern of Oklahoma and anti-TGLB preachers and politicians do nothing but fan the flames of hate. 

Trans people are standing up and stepping up in the face of hate. I haven't been in the situation yet and it would not surprise if at sometime in the future I will have to. I will be ready.

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