Monday, September 29, 2014

Hot And Dry

When I was in the deserts of southeastern California, two aspects of the scenery I remember vividly. It was very hot and dry. There seemed to be no life there. You wondered how anything could survive out there in that climate.

Sometimes are lives are like the desert. You feel stuck in the middle of nowhere, not knowing which direction to go. I have felt that way on a number of occasions. Perhaps, God is allowing me to have a break from all the activity and access what's really important. I do know that things will be different from what they were. 

It can be scary with the uncertainty surrounding us.  I am reminded that I am not alone. God is there even when there seems to be nothing around me that makes sense or we can put an anchor on something that tangible. I am reminded that know I don't understand everything He is right there paving the way. I just need to trust and follow. 

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