Thursday, November 07, 2013

Those Folks Who Are In Denial

I'm feeling much better today after a bout with high blood pressure.

Over the past few days I have thought about men and women who are in denial about who they are. I'm sure there are some who want to live their authentic selves but for one reason or another do not or cannot.  I can understand why some don't come out. There are those folks who need to come clean for their on sake. I was in denial for several weeks before I came out as a cross dresser. It was a very stressful time but when I made the decision to live authentically all that stress and tension dissipated.

Denial can cause friction within the family, among coworkers, friends, and colleagues. The worst is when some politicians and high positioned folks deny TGLB people their rights, then we find out that they are struggling with the same issues. Coming out is a personal decision and I cringe when I hear some people and group who try to out those folks who haven't come out. The common reasoning I hear is that if they came out they could be an example to young people. People are more influenced by those people around them rather than some celebrity.  

In conclusion, if you have come to the decision to reveal your true identity, do it. Denial is like being on a torture rack. I understand that some cannot reveal themselves and I pray that one day you can.

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