Sunday, April 28, 2013

Losing The Soul

Yesterday I was out with a friend at a flea market. We During one of our conversations we discussed how many neighborhoods are changing. Gentrification is surely changing the way the city looks.Condos, upscale restaurants with overpriced food., banks and drugstores on every corner. Being lost is the mom-and-pop businesses that gave life and personality to a neighborhood.

Everywhere I go, rows of store fronts sitting like empty sepulchers. I am for improving the neighborhood but does everything have to be so sterile? Neighborhoods are becoming less diverse and much more expensive. Everybody looks the same, thinks the same, and live in the same shallow environment. I have not lived in certain places because of this. I like personality and diversity, something that's being lost every day.

I am a lover of the arts, theater, film, and museums. I have long lamented that the average person cannot see a Broadway play because it is cost prohibitive. Seems that the almighty dollar by the greed landlords and developers trump whatever the community has in mind. Kind of sad.  Yes, the neighborhood may look shiny and slick but what does it mean if there is no soul there? If I want to find empty shells, I'll go to the seashore. At least they are beautiful and unique.

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