Friday, April 26, 2013

Being Authentic

One of the aspects of my life is to be as authentic as I can. When I made the the decision to be open about being transgender, in took into consideration that there would be opposition to the visibility transgender people are getting. I'm pleased that transgender people are taking more control of their situations.

While I haven't encountered any physical attacks, I'm aware that it could happen. I'm not afraid, just aware. The risk one takes by being who they are many. Then again that's what makes life worth living. Over two years ago, I started writing poetry. I started not to prove myself to others but to challenge myself. I have a much better understanding of this genre and the people who write poetry. I have written over a hundred poems. 

Being vulnerable can bring rewards as well as risks. One of the rewards is discovering that you can do things that you never thought you could. It was like that with poetry and now it's advocating for justice causes. I enjoy the moment that I'm in. Stopping to smell the roses keeps me in tune with life.

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