Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Wisdom Of The Elders

I was chatting with an 85 year old member of my church. For nearly an hour, I listened as she shared stories of her childhood and young years. I marveled at the joy and wisdom she has about life. I've known Carmen only a short time but whenever she spoke it was from her years of experience.

One of aspects I believe is being lost is the wisdom of the elders being inparted on the young. I am a member of two cultures with  oral traditions. I enjoy listening to others share their experiences.

I am a nature lover and whenever I'm out in it I let it consume me.  As a child I loved venturing into the woods, against my mother's wishes. I have wondered if my being transgender was part of a Native American prophecy. The wisdom of others can serve as a reminder that we too carry the torch of being seers, shamans, and historians to younger generations.

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