Saturday, March 09, 2013

TIme To Act

Today I read much news about many issues of the day. Even with all that's going on, it still boils down to whether people can come together and work to resolve those concerns. Egos and personal agendas need to be set aside. 

There is much bickering along ideological lines and belief systems. Through all this, those parties which do not have the people's interest at heart are further entrenching themselves. They are secretly working with federal, state and local officials to pass laws that they create to benefit corporations and not people. I'm currently looking at some future protests in which I can participate.

 Look at the folks in countries like Greece, Spain, and Italy. Unemployment is off the charts. People are eating out of garbage cans, and suicide is on the increase. They are out in the streets challenging the austerity measures put forth by these corrupt politicos and corporate heads. They are challenging the very people who caused this mess.  This is what is needed here in America.

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Anonymous said...

Condition is less worse than south asia.