Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Yesterday, I hung out at some of my usual hangouts. It's been a few weeks since doing this. Illness, terrible weather, and lack of funds contributed to this. 

I stopped by the community center then at the library nearby. I was tempted to take out another book but resisted the urge. Recently, a Barnes and Noble bookstore shut its doors. There are a number of business that have shuttered its doors because of increased rents. It's really a shame. 

I walked up the block toward Fifth Avenue. The building below was the old Marlton Hotel. Many famous artists and writers lived in single occupancy rooms. One of them was poet, critic and writer Delmore Schwartz (1913-1966). I read a couple of his books recently and found him a brilliant and troubled person. Today, the building is a dormitory for art students.

I visited a bookstore, a church, and a park that I hung out in during late 1960's and 1970s. I was no hurry and strolled leisurely. I do feel my spirit here in these places. It's only that spent some of my youth here but believe that I saw much creativity and authenticity in the arts and the many denizens of the neighborhood. I do miss those days. Much of this rich past is being absorbed through gentrification. I love sharing stories of my past. It's just me but I really    believe that young folks today really miss on on the positive and original vibes of that time.

It was a wonderful to be out and about again. One thing these excursions do is give me some great ideas for poems and short stories.

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