Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I Remember Most About Martin Luther King

This Sunday we will be celebrating Black History Month. I am reminded of Rev. King and others sacrificed in time, material comforts, and lives. We remember his fine oratory, his vision, and his spiritual strength in a tumultous time in history.

What I remember  about Rev. Dr. King is the love he displayed in the face of hate and violence. He never shut the door on those who were oppressed or on his oppressors. He spoke out against those injustices with clarity and conviction. That clarity was most evident in the May 4, 1967 speech of his opposition to the Vietnam War.

Rev. Dr. King knew that a bullet could meet him at any time and yet he kept going. I admire him most for staying with the spiritual component  of the movement, something that is sorely lacking in today's movements. He was a minister and spiritual father to many near and far.

When Rev. Dr. King was taken from us we lost a man who brought people of all walks of life together. He's left a legacy and example that desparately needs to be seen today in our politically-correct, apathetic world.

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