Thursday, July 05, 2012

Self Acceptance

Self- acceptance is the first step toward self discovery. It is declaring that I accept who I am regardless of what others say or think. The fog clears away and opportunities to express  my gender variance without shame or fear.

When I accepted that I was a cross dresser, the tension and stress of several weeks of denial dissipated. in due time contentment followed. I felt comfortable in my own skin. I was free to explore and grow as a transgender woman. 

No one can live our lives for us. Seeking to improve ourselves does not compromise us as individuals, parents, or neighbors. I sometimes cringe when I hear that some one is called  selfish because they desire to transition or be the person they desire to be. Gender variance does go against so called societal convention but it has always existed. 

Declaring my transgender identity has been a blessing to me. I have relief, inner contentment, joy, acceptance, and support. I pray that some one will be encouraged by this post.

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