Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dog Days

The dog days of July and August are upon us. The exciting activity of June with all the pride events has been replaced by the calm placidity of July.  It's easy to assume that nothing is happening but that certainly is not the case.

Here in New York City there's always something going on. The Newfest Film Festival starts tomorrow. I love viewing films made by and for the LGBTQ community. There are many film fests that go on throughout the year.  My spouse and I will celebrate our birth shortly (we were born on the same day). We have written many short stories and poems in the meantime. As you can see life hasn't stopped.

It's a wonderful time to reflect on what has changed in our lives during the year. I'm much different now than I was at this time last year and my wife has noticed it. The dog days are really days we can recharge and relax. I always try to see the value in times like this. Some precious has been the result. I know that up ahead there will be more challenges that will need my attention.   

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