Thursday, May 03, 2012

Proceeding Ahead

Last night as lie in bed, I thought about how far my journey has taken me. I have gone much farther than I anticipated, not that I had any control over it. It dawned on me that there is still more in the way of experiences, discoveries, and changes that will be made in my life. Referring to the last comment, I see this as part my being authentic. It's stange that the world tends to shun and ignore authentic people and yet they want some one who is real. The separating point, I believe, is that if folks are willing to make changes necessary to have a meaningful life. It can relate to improved diet, lifestyle, gender identity, education, belief systems, ideologies, or a myriad of many things. Yes, it's a sacrifice and it may cost something. I see it as giving one thing up in exchange for something else. People are much more perceptive about life than they are given credit for. It can be positive or negative. Up to this point the changes made in my life has affected my spouse's percepton of me. She still loves me but is still trying to grasp my gender variance. I'm affecting three genderations; mine, my son, and my grand child. There will be more changes in store for me, some far ranging than in previous times. I have concluded to I want to be authentic. I want to make an impact in the lives of others. I desire to speak out in the face of overwhelming odds. Crazy? Maybe. I have no ther recourse. I can't turn back. I must proceed ahead.

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