Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Did Mom Forsee?

I trust that everyone's Mother's Day was good. It's great that all mothers are honored.

I lost my mom in 2001 but her influence upon me is still felt. We thought a lot alike, shared our sense of fashion, and could sense when something was not right. Recently, my wife revealed to me a conversation that she had with my mom. Mom shared with her that I like to wear pink. My brother and my son don't.  I didn't think much about it until I remembered that at the same time I began to struggle with my gender issues. Now I wonder if mom had an inkling of what I was to face a few years later? That I like to wear pink seemed immaterial to me until the gender angle entered in.

It's said that it's that moms know how their children are no matter how far away from home they are
I wonder if mom knew that I would become 'Gennee'?


Monica Roberts said...

Mom's can read you like a book..

Steve Finnell said...

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