Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gender Is Fluid

My gender has been fluid the past few days. The weather has been warm so I'm out and about the city quite a bit. This past Saturday I wore a dress for the second time. I kept getting looks from folks everywhere. There were two men who took notice and remarked to each other. I was recently called ma'am by someone in my building.  

I spent time at the library, the community center, two bookstores, a park hung out in during the 60s and 70s, and a book fair. It has been much for me interacting with the public.This is a victory for me because at one time I was reticent about speaking. 

Last night, I discovered that I have an admirer. I was waiting for a friend at the community when this man came over and spoke with me I had seen and exchanged hellos with him in the past. He was fascinated with my hands. I have long sleek fingers. He complimented me on my attire. We spoke f or about ten minutes before he had to leave. Earlier in the day I received fou emails from gentlemen desiring a relationship. Basically all I did was change my avatar. I guess that got the ball rolling. 

I've had som moments of total contentment. Once again, I flirted with idea of transitioning.  my spouse has noticed more changes in me, most noticably about clothing. I talk quite a bit about all the pretty dresses and skirts in the stores. I'm still rather fluid so I expect more things to happen today.      

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