Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Book Opens Up Discussion

I am presently reading Peggy Rudd's book My Husband Wears My Clothes. My spouse is reading it also. I have also been thoughful of my spouse's feelings about my dressing. The book reminds me that others are affected by what I do. Conversely, her attitude towards crossdressing and transgender affect the both of us.

She is asking quesions again which I always welcome. I feel this time the questioning will go deeper than in previous times. She's still trying to wrap her mind around a male wearing women's clothing. What I like about Rudd's book is that it takes crossdressing from the spouse's perspective. My spous revealed to me that when she found out that I crossdress she wished tha she would wake up one day and find the whole idea of it gone.

I remind her that I'm still trying to understand what being transgender is. When I came out to her seven years ago, the main thing I was concerned with was how this would affect our family and our marriage. Thus far it has been positive. We do a lot of things together and enjoy being wih each other. One woman at our church took notice of this.  

I said earlier this year that it would be a pivotal in ou lives. I seems to be heading in that direction. I've been out in public dressed almost every day for the past few weeks. I've felt much better about doing this and even a few folks on the sreet hae taken notice. I'm very upbeat about where all this is heading. 

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