Saturday, March 31, 2012

Task Force Meeting

The meeting we had about the creation of an LGBTQI ministry went well. About twenty people came to the meeting including my wife. Each person shared why they came. I shared my reasons plus revealing my transgenderism. I discovered that there other transgender folks who attend the church. The minister who lead the meeting is bisexual.

I'm trying to come up with some suggestions for the ministry. My wife is still trying to understand what it is to be transgender. In time I believe that she will. One young woman asked what name I would like to be called. I haven't come come to the church dressed as Gennee yet but I have a feeling that will come soon. The next meeting is in April.


Kay & Sarah said...
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Kay & Sarah said...

I deleted the last comment;

What I meant to say was, "Peace go with you and may your ministry be always encouraging and helpful to and for others who are challenged by someone on this journey.

genevieve said...

Thank you Kay and Sarah.