Friday, March 23, 2012

Knowing One's History

On yesterday's post I quoted a statement by Marcus Garvey about knowing one's history. Though directed to African Americans it can certainly apply to transgender folks. We have a long and valient history of activism, exuberance, and creativity.

I thank sister Monica Roberts of Transgriot for her research on this subject of role models for people of color. Transgender role models are important because it shows the diversity of humankind regardless of socio-economic status or culture.

I have Indian ancestry (Choctaw) and transgenderism was a normal part of the culture until colonization. Upon further research, at 130 Indian tribes have transgender-two spirit persons. I agree with Garvey that people need to know their history because it gives us a foundation to stand on. It also refutes the constant attack that transgender and gender variant people are deviants and sinners. We have always existed.