Saturday, November 19, 2011

Transgender DOR

Last night, I attended Transgender DOR ceremonies at the community center here. There were over 200 people present. A vigil was held where we all marched around the block. A few folks on the street asked what it was about.

There were speakers, words of encouragement , stories from the audience. I spoke for a couple of moments. I shared my story of transition and acceptance by family. I shared that I refuse to live in fear. I encouraged everyone to be themselves. I also read this poem that I wrote:
We are persecuted,
Yet we have perservered.
Our journey has been circuituous,
Yet we have always been.
Some have fallen,
Yet we are still standing.
My people, Arise!

I met a number folks afterwards. I shared my experiences with a lesbian couple who will be getting married. A gentleman hugged and thanked me for my testimony. This was the best TDOR event that I've been to. We paid homage to those who died this past year (221 trans people killed). It encourages me that we are moving forward. I'm happy that I participated.

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