Thursday, July 03, 2008

marched in pride parade

This past Sunday, I marched in my first New York City pride parade. It was a warm day to start. I wore a black skirt, pink pullover and sneakers. The contingent I marched with was the American Veterans for Equal Rights.

It was about a three mile march down 5th Avenue. Thousand of people lined the barricades cheering each contingent that passed by. I was very proud of being out and participating. Someone I know recognized me and told me so in an email I received from him. I knew that there were many LGBT people in New York but not this many. I was reaaly with family! I was also happy to see many transgender people out because we need to be more visible.

With less than a mile left the rains came. It seemed to pick people's spirits up. I could feel the electricity in the rain soaked air. I truly enjoyed the experience.

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