Tuesday, May 20, 2008

California marriage bill affects all

With the passage of same-sex marriage bill in California, it serves to remind me that it affects us transgender folks too. Though ENDA failed to pass, it cannot stop us fro the pursuit of our goals and equality. Many in society have the mistaken notion that we seek special rights. I have heard this before because as an African-African the same stuff was said about us. If the Constitution deems all men (and women) are created equal, then it's high time this lofty ideal was put into practice.

If a group of people are denied basics rights, the powers that be will find some other reason to deny another group of its rights. An example is the profiling of men from south east Asia and the middle east. Thousands are being held in prisons all over the world just because of who they are. Transgender folks suffer discrimination and marginalization for the same reasons.

One reason I believe Republicans can come back is that they think long term. They raise funds and awareness on a few causes and get out to the public. When the lose an election or a goal is failed, they assess what went wrong, regroup and then move ahead. I do admire this strategy. We transgender and gender variant people need to do the same thing. The passage of this bill in California took hard work, getting out in public and perserverence. This is something that we have to do.

I am making it a point to be out more in public and become involved in change. It may also mean that I will express my cross gender status to others. I meet more GLBT folks in groups outside the umbrella and I'm heartened. Now if it can translate into equality and respect.


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