Thursday, October 25, 2007

I will be adding some new things to the blog. Poetry, articles, essays, news, and places to go are some things I am considering. I will still be posting about my journey and 'Genevieve's Gems'. There's so much happening regarding transgender and gender variant people and I want to keep you informed.

I attended a meeting on Tuesday wearing a black skirt, heels, and purple sweater. One person did not recognize me. He said that I looked wonderful. I felt good and buoyed by the fact that my appearance is gettting better. My make up and and nail polishing have improved. I purchased two necklace sets and threee bottles of nail polish (black, gray sparkle and grape). I have the grape on now.

I will be out again Saturday afternoon. I have been participating in an on going survey. I really love to tell about my experience as a male to female crossdresser and transgender. I just pray that others will be encouraged.

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