Wednesday, October 10, 2018


The past two days have been eventful for me. Yesterday the mayor signed a bill in which transgender and non conforming people and intersex in New York City can change their marker on their birth certificate, passport and other legal documents with out a letter from the doctor. There will less hassle and trouble for TGNC folks. This was a long time coming.

Today members of SAGE attended a luncheon at Viacom for LGBT history month. A veteran of the gay liberation front f shared this knowledge of the early days of struggle, activism and liberation. He refuted the idea that trans people started the rebellion, which I found questionable. He admitted that he may need to do more research on this.  

A number of us from SAGE were present at both events. It was great for us seniors to be there. Some day I would love to speak to a group of young folks about my experiences. 

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