Saturday, December 17, 2016


It's been six since Donald Trump won the national election in an upset. Folks are still talk about it with disgust or joy or fear or any other each person is expressing. Can't remember an election where a conundrum of different responses have been expressed.

I was over the election results the day after. Mr. Trump is the President-elect so he'll be the commander-in-chief for at least the next four years. We are faced with challenges which will be like no other. The economy, Roe vs. Wade, TGLBQI rights, the increasing fear and anger many feel. I said that America is now a fascist country and this election has borne that fact out.

People will now have to sit down and LISTEN to each other regardless of what they political ideology. I encourage everyone to find something that truly believe in and work with others with like concerns. As a transgender person I'm very concerned about the anti-tglbqi rhetoric and the possibility of the gains made simply taken away.

I remember when the Vietnam war raged and all the protests that ensued for years until finally that war ended. It was the people who ended it, not the politicians. People were tired of seeing loved ones and friends killed, maimed, or injured mentally as well as physically. I am optimistic that it can happen again.

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