Saturday, November 19, 2016

My Three Cents

On election night when it was certain that Donald Trump would I wrote down three reasons (my opinion) why he won and why Hillary Clinton lost.

Why Hillary Clinton Lost

1. Her record. The emails and the mess at Benghazi were factors. She and her husband are responsible for what happened in Bosnia and Rwanda. Dismantling welfare in Arkansas in the nineties and the mass incarcerations we have now are her doing. I have a saying that your track record does follow you. I believe it did in this case.

2. Bernie Sanders factor. Sanders rallied many young people to the political scene. Hillary didn't have the same impact on the younger folk. What was her message? She never conveyed what she was about. Many people didn't vote which also hurt.

3. Hatred. Bluntly, many people did not like her. She is not a warm person and many people mistrust her.

Why Donald Trump

1. The slogan 'Make America Great Again' resonated with white males, 45+  who do not have a college education. They were fed up with the status quo.  Also his in-your-face style appealed to them. This is where the Democrats messed up big time. Once upon a time The Democrats spoke up for the working person. Not anymore.

2. Charisma. One thing Trump is not is boring. If he hadn't been in the pool this would have been a boring election. He dropped in the Republican's lap because the other candidates were awful. They actually benefited from him being in the race. 

3. Americans like characters. I called Trump a wild card. He's not a politician and that served him well. He says some outrageous and stupid things and doesn't care who likes it.  

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Congratulations on your accurate and courageous analysis