Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Election Has Been Ramping Up Activity

With the election only three weeks away the activities on both sides are ramping up. Each side accusing the other of deception and wrongdoing. Can't ever remember a presidential election this cantankerous.

Last night I ran into an event at the Center about bus trips to Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire as well as New York State. Ohio and Pennsylvania are swing states which could affect the election. People certainly are getting out and canvassing, making phone calls and creating dialogue. I am particularly interested in local elections which do affect us more. I'm involved with affordable housing issues in my neighborhood and our representatives have taken note that they need to represent our interests and not the developers.    

It's said that all politics is local. Well, I'm seeing that up close and personal. Some of our reps are up for election next year. People have shown that if the politicians won't represent us, we'll vote them out. I hope that this is happening in other locales. We need change and the people will initiate that change if we all come together.

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