Thursday, May 05, 2016

Out Almost Every Day

I have been out almost every day since Easter. Usually it slows down after Easter but not this year. I've been involved with a few projects and other activities. I see outing myself to a few more people in the future. I feel so much secure as a woman. Recently attended a women's group and felt right at home.     

I am come face to face with my past. Many of the places that helped shape me are disappearing. Safe place are fewer and there's people who want to see us disappear. Seems that the visibility of trans people makes some squeamish. We're here and here to stay. I'm willing to put myself out there for my trans sisters and brothers.

Performance has done much to make myself vulnerable. Expressing my deep feelings has never been easy for me. I want to see more trans/non conforming people feel good about themselves. I want them to become the people they really are. Authentic living is pleasurable to one's soul. 

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