Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Arts As A Teaching Tool.

I recently performed in a theater production called Trans Generations. A group sixteen trans and gender non conforming men and women shared our experiences through theater, music, poetry, drama, and the spoken word. Around 150 people saw the play. It was the largest event that's happened at the SAGE Center here in New York.

I sometimes read of how demagogues and despots always silence the arts, intellectuals, and those who have solutions to the issues. Looking at the current political climate here in America, the same pattern is emerging. I'm am very happy that transgender and non conforming folks are standing up and stepping out in getting and maintaining protections they have. People in North Carolina and Mississippi are pushing back against the anti-lgbtq bills passed in those two states.

Getting back to the performances,Trans Generations made me a richer woman. I see the power that the arts have in changing hearts and minds. It can spur us too greater activism also. I mentioned in the past that I don't see myself as an activist but it seems that I've been drawn into it. Whatever it takes to educate and teach others about transgender/gender non conforming people I will do. 

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