Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Is Here- And It's Getting Hot For Trans People

Spring has arrived! Warm weather awaits us and the blooming of the trees and flowers beckons. The heat has been ratcheted up for transgender people as anti-trans forces are trying to take away everything we have worked for. Anti- trans legislation is everywhere. Georgia and South Dakota mercifully have vetoed such legislation. Kentucky has passed an anti-trans bill and so has North Carolina. Tennessee and Washington state are considering such legislation. 

I'm happy to see that trans people are responding to such evil legislation through grassroots movements and active participation of trans people. This year has been even more active than last. With the presidential election coming in November and state houses up for elections it's going to be very lively to say the least. We must not shrink in the face of intimidation and fear. I've decided to take it on full bore. 

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