Monday, February 08, 2016

Bryn Kelly Memorial

I attended a memorial service for Bryn Kelly who committed suicide on January 13th. I first met Bryn two days before at our trans women's discussion group where she was to be our facilitator. It was Bryn's first meeting with us. Afterwards, we all liked Bryn and looked forward to the next meeting. Her friend relayed to us that Bryn liked us also. 

When the next meeting came up we were all shocked when told that Bryn ended her life. She was only 35. Bryn was a hairstylist, writer, loved country music, played the auto harp and piano, and make quilts. Here was a young woman so talents and yet so dogged by personal demons. 

About 400 or 500 people attended the memorial service. People around me wept openly. I handed a few people tissues in my section. Bryn had an effect on many people's lives. I met her only once and felt that effect.  Rest in peace, Bryn. You were loved by many.      

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