Monday, January 25, 2016

Gender-Ever Present

While I don't think about gender 24/7, its presence lurks over my shoulder. Whenever i'm out and about, seeing genetic women reminds me of the similarities and differences we possess. The differences have become less noticeable but it's still there.  

I've never felt guilty or ashamed about being transgender; I embraced it. I don't feel encumbered by gender norms or society's expectations.I crossed that bridge a long time ago.

It seems that I'm getting bolder as I get older. Recently, my sister and two nieces found out about me being trans. I've been clocked numerous times while out. Other times people see me as another woman. passing is nice but being able to live my life is top priority. 

From time to time I do something not expected of me. I've been viewed as a straight arrow much of my life. Coming out as transgender was totally unexpected until the day it was revealed to me. i crossed a barrier which society frowns upon. 

I hardly talk about gender. I'm willing to answer any questions people may have. Once a barrier is crossed there's no going back. At times I look back and realize that the footprints of my previous life are gone.        

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