Friday, May 08, 2015

Thoughts About Mothers

As we pay homage to our mothers this Sunday, I think about the many hats that moms undertakes. Doctor. Teacher. Cook. Psychologist. She comforts us when we hurt and rejoices with us when something  good happens. She has faith that we can be anything that we want to be. My mom, who left this world in 2001, never ever let me quit on myself. This is her greatest legacy passed on to me.

I sometimes wonder if she knew that I was transgender. I didn't know that I was until a few years later. Perhaps the fact that I liked flowers and color pink may have given her an inkling of my gender variance. I only wish that she would have met Genevieve because I believe that she would have loved her. She probably knew that I could travel this journey. Mom probably saw something in me that I would discover much later. I'm grateful that she had the faith in me that I could traverse this road. Thank you, mom, for challenging me and encouraging me through thick and thin.


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