Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Equality and Justice Day- Overview

Yesterday, I was present at Equality and Justice Day in Albany, New York. Over 600 people came to the annual event. It was comprised of mostly young people from all over the state which is encouraging. I tried posting yesterday on my tablet but could get a consistent internet connection.  

The day begun with a welcome from Empire State Pride Agenda. Later it was workshops and lobby visits with senators and assembly members. I decided to sit in on a workshop. Creating Supportive Schools for Transgender Students was the one I sat in on. I listened to high school students share their experiences of coming out in their respective schools. They all were bullied, harassed, and in some case with us strangers and encouraged them in their future endeavors.

I attended a rally at the capitol stairs after lunch. The speakers were eloquent and strong in their assessment of the need to pass the Gender Employment Non-Discrimination Act. I attended a workshop Queers in the Coop: Combating the Decline Of Safe Spaces and Improving LGBTQ Job Security with Workers Cooperatives. Afterwards, I spoke with one of the facilitators about the need for different types of coops, and that food coops, in particular, are growing. 

I met some wonderful people on the bus. On the way back our bus broke down so we doubled up with another bus. All in All it was a wonderful day and I learned more on my second go around. 

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