Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dialogue And Action

The recent events regarding the police shootings of African American men has sparked protests in many cities. There has been dialogue or the beginning of dialogue between between affected parties. I notice that more young people are becoming more engaged in these topics. It's encouraging but will this lead to any plan(s) of action or, like Occupy, dissipate and fade into oblivion.

I see that these events have sparked dialogue and action in other arenas such as homelessness, the war on drugs, student debt, the prison industrial complex and other areas. I also believe that we as a group and as individuals need to become informed and engaged. Churches need to be engaged in this process because it brings another component to the discussion which has a spiritual element. One of the reasons the civil rights movement stayed strong for so long was the spiritual and non violent approach he used. 

Being a part of the solution is very important to me. Having solutions to the problems can move the dialogue along and hopefully to action. This is what I desire to see. 

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