Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Thoughts

Over the past several months a number of trans women have been murdered. The majority of them were women of color. The more visibility we have received, the more the haters of trans people have come out.

I can understand those outside the TGLBQI community hating us. It's those inside the community that I find rehensible. We all suffered from harrasment and fear and loss of livelihoods. When the leadership positions were formed (predominantly white and male) trans people, CDs, and drag queens were shunted to the margins. Trans people were not only kept out of their organizations, we were prevented from receiving any kind of help. Personally, I feel that groups like Gay Inc.  are somewhat responsible for some of the troubles trans people experience.  Add the TERF crowd and the religious right, then there's a recipe for trouble.

I'm my travels there are many people inside and outside the community who are lacking in understanding what transgender people face. With the Transgender Day of Remembrance ceremonies coming up in a month or so, there's still so much more educating to be done. I also believe that transphobia (especially inside the community) needs to be called out.

I still believe that if trans rights were put in front in the formative years, many of the issues affecting the comunity would have been resolved. That's just my own thoughts. Let's pray that our increased visibility will open more eyes to the fact that we exist.

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