Sunday, August 31, 2014

Living Our Lives

Every two weeks a group of us trans women get together for a meeting to discuss various topics. Afterwards some of us gather at a nearby restaurant for coffee and food. I love these women who are my sisters. Months ago I said that I wanted to meet other trans women for friendship. That has certainly come to pass.

After each meeting I gain a better understanding about each person. We all just want to live our lives as we really are. It doesn't take rocket science to see this. Yet, there are those who believe that we are a menace to civil society. The question I would ask is a menace to whom?  Is it because we challenge their own belief system as to what a 'real' man or 'real' women should be? Is it because their belief system is shattered because it isn't finite or conclusive to their own views of life?    This why you have wars, poverty, and discrimination. Some of these sociopathic 'do-gooders' have reaped more harm to many people than all the wars and battles. 

When I read the list of transgender people murdered  on the Transgender Day Of Remembrance website , it illustrates some of my points. It breaks my heart when many women (especially women of color) are killed simply for who they are. It also shows me that we have survived and are thriving through all the morass and hatred thrown at us. I'm a proud transgender woman whose living my life as the person I really am. So are millions other transgender people.

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