Monday, June 30, 2014

New York City Pride Parade

Yesterday, my wife and I attended the New York City Pride Parade. We and other members of the collegiate churches helped serve water to the marchers. I love being out there and providing refreshment to the weary participants. Interacting with them is a treat. 

Many thank us for the water and the words of encouragement. One marcher remarked that he had just about given up on the church but when he saw us out there providing refreshment it sparked a sense that maybe he could see the church as a part of social action. Many churches participated in the parade, more so than last year I believe. There were a number of Catholic churches there. we thanked them for what they are doing for TGLBQI folks. An estimated one million people watched the parade. I think that there were more. 

Later, I thought that 40 years ago none of the many organizations who participated weren't in existence. The march has come a long way. I would to see more political and radical aspects come back instead of the corporate feel the parade has at times. It was a fine parade nevertheless.

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