Thursday, February 06, 2014

Religious Liberty

In 2005, Kansas voters overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment that restricted marriage in this state to be between one man and one woman. Since that time, almost 100,000 one-man, one-woman Kansas couples have divorced.

Perhaps the argument that same-sex couples threaten the sanctity of holy matrimony should be laid to rest.

While arguing in favor of the gay-marriage ban, then-Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline said if courts can allow gay marriage, they also can limit lawmakers from attempting to prohibit polygamy and incest. He might as well have thrown bestiality in there as well, as most opponents of gay marriage usually list that second in the domino

I read this article a week ago. I couldn't get it out of my mind so I decided to post it and comment.Though the article focuses on same sex marriage, the same tactics are used by anti-TGLB groups to prevent transgender inclusion. This is one of the battles I have chosen to fight. Much of the opposition's views and thoughts are totally bogus.  They have no proof to back up their claims.  

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