Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Transgender Day Of Remembrance

Last night, I attended the Transgender Day of Remembrance ceremonies at the community center. Well over 100 people attended. There were speakers with some interesting stories about how the work they are doing to end transphobia. It was both somber and yet encouraging to hear so many stories of struggle, discovery, and victory.

A transwoman named M* shared her story about her unhappy life as a male and is now transitioning. M* shared the story of her friend Venus, who was murdered 20 years ago. Venus was instrumental in M* deciding to transition. A transman shared his story of being attacked and seriously injured. I took many of these stories to heart because there's such a long way to go.
I spoke a few words to the audience about my coming out at my place of worship and my family's acceptance. I encouraged them to be themselves. Afterwards, a number of folks thanked me for the words that I spoke. I was invited to speak at one place and the possibility of a portrait of me and my wife from someone else.
I felt this was the best TDOR I've attended because the resolve and determination of folks to fight against transphobia and discriminnation was definitely there.

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