Monday, January 09, 2012

Coming Out More Than One Time Event

Coming out is a very personal matter. It's telling the world that this is who I am. I am mindful that my coming out process came several weeks after discovering that I was a crossdresser. When I did accept myself all of the stress in my life dissipated.

It took over a week that I had gone over a divide that I never imagined that I would cross. I have concluded that coming out is not a one time event. It's happened to me a number of times. I proceeded from a crossdresser to transgenderist to transgender.

At the present time I am experiencing another shift in my identity, moving closer to identifying as fully feminine. This is after a long period of relative calm. What has helped is that I embrace whatever comes. The journey will be ongoing replete with discoveries and adventures.

I enjoy reading posts from folks who have or are just coming out and accepting their sexuality/gender identity. For me it has become easier. I have never tried to pin down what gender is; I just enjoy the ride.


Kay & Sarah said...

You will discover that when you transition and are living female, you might have to tell someone. The coming out continues even for me, In some obscure circumstances.

genevieve said...

You're right, Sarah. That's something that I've thought about and could happen this year.