Friday, June 10, 2011

Gender Qestioning, Part 2

In the post from May 25th, I wrote about my beginning to question my gender. After trying on my spouse's skirt, my life was going in a dizzying upheaval. Everything I thought about gender and sexuality was being changed.

I sought some counseling because I was becoming concerned about about where this was heading. It was a not a road I never traveled, but a journey where nothing was familiar to me. I put off the counseling for two weeks (I chickened out). The struggle and tensions were becoming unbearable so I visited two counselors.

A man and a woman listened as I shared everything I was feeling. I left no stone unturned. I was asked some questions before the two convened with each other. After some minutes they emerged from the room that they were in. It was revealed to me that I was a crossdresser. This really took me for loop. I remember the man asking if I really enjoyed the experience. I replied yes. I now knew I liked wearing wome's clothing. This was only the beginning my coming to accept my new identity.

To be continued.......


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