Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Transgender Bills Being Argued and Debated

There has been much action in many states regarding issues concerning transgender people. Bills are being debated on in Nevada, Texas, Maine, Hawaii, Connecticut. A transgender bill in Maryland (HB 235) failed (rightly so) over concerns of no provisions for public accomodations. While I see much activity I can't help but think that now allies and those who say they support us have to put their money where their mouth is. Rep. Barney Frank gagged on it over three years by throwing transgender folks under the bus. Same thing happened in Maryland a few days. I see that some progressive transgender organizations are taking up their own banner and I'm encouraged by that. This reminds me of the dot-com craze a decade ago. Every day dozen of new companies were made public on the stock exchange. After following this awhile, I decided to wait until the dust settled. By the next year, hundreds of those companies no longer existed or were taken over by another company. I believe the dust is settling as to how serious some organizations are about transgender folks getting thier rights. Only time will tell. ~Gennee

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