Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Last night, I met with my bible study group. I usually dress at the community center then head out to dinner before the meeting. This time I was going home dressed. I informed my spouse the day before that I was coming home as 'Gennee'. She said okay. She has never seen me fully dressed up. I was wearing blue flats, blue skirt and a blue and yellow print blouse.

When I arrived home her eyes widened. "How do you like?" I inquired.
"You look good." she replied. Her attitude about my dressing is more open since we disccussed it at length a few weeks ago. We share skirts, blouses, and jewelry. She said that I have more jewelry than she's ever owned in her life. Wow, did I feel good!

During the summer I will be leaving the house as 'Gennee' when my son moves out in June. I can't wait. I am much freer and so want to express my feminine side more. Having a wife who lets me be myself is a blessing.

Gennee (Genevieve)

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