Thursday, February 14, 2008

In Funk and Wagnalls standard dictionary, 'normal' is defined as conforming to or consisting of a pattern regarded as typical of a specific group. The words 'conforming piqued my interest because conformity can be a natural occurence or forced upon people. LGBTQI people know this all too well.
How many gender variant men and women have been vilified, prejudged, and even killed because they do not fit the so-called norm that society demands? What's normal is America may be something else to an indigenous tribe in South America. What the ex-gay ministries has done to countless gays and lesbians is deplorable. Lives are ruined, faith is destroyed, and many have committed suicide because of the erroneous idea that they can be made straight.
I have Native Amarican ancestry in my family genealogy and I am sure that there were gender fluidity men and women. I'm sure that my being transgender may be the fulfillment of some ancestral prophecy.
Reading the words of Jesus in Matthew 19:11-12, he echoed his understanding of eunuchs. Some are born to be eunuchs, some are made that way by man, and others choose to be eunuchs to better serve God. I have embraced my life as a transgender person and view it as a gift. I wonder if transgender people are modern day eunuchs? though there is no mention of gender variant people in scripture, a study of the societies of those times reveal that it was normal in many of the pagan nations.
Unfortunately there are those who do not accept us because we choose to be who we are. It's a shame because society can learn much from us. Jesus understand that. Wouldn't if be nice if people actually do. It will be a benefit to them and society as a whole.

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