Saturday, December 01, 2007

Another year is almost over. As I reminisce, there have beeen many changes in my life. The changes have been so subtle that I don't even notice it. Each time I attend a trans events it reveals to me that I am a different than I was a few months earlier.
The fact that I'm not afraid was evident when I started dressing. When I threw caution to the wind, it was I saying to the world, "This is me!" I am content being transgender and transvestite and don't feel any shame or guilt about it. My desire for my trans brothers and trans sisters is to see them overcome all the shame others have fostered on us because of our identity. Nobody should be made to feel ashamed of who they are.
One other fact is that I want to share my story with others. We need to tell our own stories and let people know that we are productive, loving, and caring people. One positive sign is the openness among young about LGBT issues. So day I would love to speak to a group of people and share why I am who I am.

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